Our Environmental Commitment

At Florstar, we are strongly committed to our efforts for reducing long term impact on the environment. The selection of products now containing both recycled content and the inherent components to be recycled into new products is increasingly popular. Why put something in a landfill when through simple processes can be turned back into new products?


Our Objectives

We have partnered with manufacturers to reduce our environmental footprint through the selection of “Environmentally Friendly” products and services. We went one step further by providing the right products and implementing a carpet recycling program in Canada with Shaw Industries. Our environmental responsibility efforts extend to every aspect of our business through the recycling of under cushion, paper, plastics and cardboard.

Florstar was the first to establish a recycle program for the Multi-family industry. To date we have reached the following milestones;

• 1 million + pounds of carpet recycled
• 150,000 pounds of cushion recycled

not to mention....

• all packaging passed through our facility is recycled inclusive of cardboard and plastic wrapping


Why be sustainable?

Its important for us to partner with more clients that are invested in environmentally responsible practices and products used in their facilities. We need to make more efforts to be sustainable as a whole. We're running out of essential resources like plants, animal life, fossil fuels, etc. causing the ecological imbalance we're currently facing, but more importantly, we want to live and practice a sustainable life in order for our children and our children's children to be able to enjoy this world.

Lets strive for a better, cleaner tomorrow, for everyone.